Join the 30-Day Challenge!

Get ready for the virtual event on June 20 by participating in our 30-Day Challenge! While most of the country is sheltered in place, we can still come together as a community to help fund programs critical to lung cancer patients and their loved ones.  

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How it Works

The 30-Day Challenge provides thirty days of activities focused on doing something for yourself, your family or your community. 

On each day, there are two activity suggestions: 

  • The first is either to connect with a loved one, learn something new, organize your surroundings, or explore the world virtually. 
  • The second is either movement/exercise or a mindful activity. Each activity includes options at a beginner through advanced level so you can find what works best for you.

Your 30-Day Challenge Kit includes:

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To participate in the 30-Day Challenge:

  1. Download your Challenge Kit (above)
  2. Print out your 30-Day Calendar
  3. Customize your online fundraising page to let people know you are taking on the 30-Day Challenge as you warm-up for the virtual event
  4. Share your efforts via social media, email and/or text.
  5. Join our GO2 in Motion Facebook group and connect with other fundraisers, patients and caregivers. Here we share ideas and cheer each other on!
Challenge yourself and your family to keep moving, stay active and emerge from this time at home stronger in mind and body!

How GO2 Foundation is rapidly responding to the COVID-19 crisis:  

The global Coronavirus pandemic poses increased challenges for our community and for people with lung cancer who are at higher risk and more vulnerable to the disease. Working with medical experts, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer is responding to this growing threat. Our free HelpLine and support services are providing the most up-to-date and credible information, guidance, and resources as well as reinforcing that the community is stronger together. 

For up-to-date information, Rapid Response weekly virtual Living Rooms and legislative actions we are taking, visit our 'Coronavirus and Lung Cancer' website section here and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.