Celebrate with a Purpose!

This year, when you celebrate your birthday, a holiday, wedding or anniversary, you can direct people to donate to your fundraising page instead of giving you a gift. This selfless act will inspire others and show how important the lung cancer cause is to you. 


Dedicate your birthday or anniversary to creating change for lung cancer and ask for donations as your gifts. Start your birthday fundraiser today!

Is there a wedding in your future?  There are two ways your love can support lung cancer patients:

1. Create a fundraising page and ask for donations as a wedding gift option.


2. Make a donation in lieu of wedding favors.  Click here for additional program details. 



Any milestone event in your life can become life-changing progress for other families and individuals affected by lung cancer.

All funds raised help GO2 for Lung Cancer continue programs dedicated to transforming survivorship for those vulnerable, at risk, and diagnosed with lung cancer. 

Click above or contact us to get started today!